Conservation at Society House

The RSAI are proud of our Georgian House, which has been home to the Society since 1917. Constantly aware of the necessity to monitor changes within the house and mindful of the importance of the conservation of its unusual and unique features we have undertaken several projects over the last few years. The most recent of these was the undertaking of a Conservation Management plan, which was funded by the Heritage Council and carried out  by RIAI Grade-1 conservation architect, Margaret Quinlan, and structural engineer, David Kelly together with the President of the RSAI, Dr. Rachel Moss.

The plan, which identified the most immediate structural needs of the House as well as long-term recommendations forms the basis for our current plans and fund-raising programmes.

To view the full Conservation Management plan please click on the link.

Most critical are repairs to the eighteenth century stuccoed-ceilings on the first floor. Both the ceilings and the floors directly above them need to be lifted and strengthened to prevent the potential dislodgement of the Historic plaster. We are appealing to you to help us to ensure the preservation of our Georgian House and allow continued use of the rooms for both members and guests.

For details of our appeal for funding please download this document or contact us here.

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